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Dieting Tips from the Dukan Diet

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A revolutionary weight loss plan, the Dukan Diet is the nutrition program designed by French doctor Pierre Dukan. Dr Dukan has been working on his diet for more than 30 years. This protein-based diet became extremely popular after Dr Dukan published his book in 2000, which was sold in more than 7 million copies globally. Since that time the book has been translated into 14 languages and published in 32 countries. The Dukan Diet plan consists of 4 phases that first help lose the weight and then keep it off forever! Following this diet you can eat "as much as you like" of 100 foods without any starvation and frustration. You can even save while loosing weight if you use Dukan Diet Coupons that grant discount with your online order.
Following any diet mean restricting yourself on foods you grew to love. The tips below will help anyone who may be struggling with their diet or starting their diet not to give up on the way to your perfect body.
1. The Level of Commitment. This is the first and primary thing you should have in order to achieve good result. If you lack commitment you are likely to cheat at your first real temptation. Will-power should be trained as a mental muscle, the more you exercise it the easier it will become to check yourself.
2. Set Achievable Objectives. Goals like "losing 50lbs" or "looking good in bikini" can be hard to achieve. The further away you may feel from your goal, the more discouraged you can become. It would be a good idea to break your larger goal into smaller realistic steps, like "lose 5lbs in 3 weeks" or "exercise 3 times a week for 3 weeks". Do remember that success breeds motivation.
3. Reward Yourself. Of course, rewarding yourself with cheating on your diet is out of the question! Reward yourself with something not connected with food like purchasing some new clothing or a pair of running shoes or reading that neglected book for a whole evening.
4. Avoid "Dangerous" Situations. If you know that visiting some place you will confront with pressure or too much temptation just skip attending them.
5. Experiment. Try to eat diverse foods when dieting and rotate your workouts. Avoid falling into a routine while dieting, and don't be afraid to experiment with your cooking and try new recipes. It also concerns working out. Sooner or later you will become sick by jogging the same route or exercising on the same gym equipment. Try new things, after all, you are creating a new, better you!
6. Track Your Progress. Those starting dieting may find it easy to stay motivated because they lose weight everyday. After some period of time the weight-loss stagnates, but if you keep track of your progress you will be able to spot even slow progress. In fact, there is not always an immediate weight-loss result and you need to look at the big picture.
7. Exercise. Lack of exercise while dieting will inevitably slow your progress. When you exercise regularly you are sure to see that difference on the scale in 3-4 days. One solid workout can be speed up your progress.
8. Don't Cheat. Cheating on your diet is the worst thing you can do. Once you have tried the forbidden food, you can become obsessed with the idea of having it again and it will become much harder to stick to your diet. Consider working at renewing your motivation. To avoid cheating altogether always have diet friendly snacks at hand. If you can't resists the temptation it's better to cheat with fat but not carbohydrates. Eating fatty carb-laden food is the worst thing you can do.
9. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption. The Dukan Diet recommends refraining from any alcohol drinks. The fact is that alcohol can ruin your diet as many drinks contain lots of sugar. When you drink you tend to eat more and your will can become weaker so you can even start eating junk food. If you do drink, try to drink in moderation and with minimal frequency.
10. Seek a Support System. Engage as much support as you can: spouses, friends, colleagues, and even online communities that will encourage you to carry on and not to give up. Knowing that so many people are proud of your achievements and share your joy will keep your motivated.