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How Many Calories Americans Will Eat on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is typically a time for family, friends, football and feasting. The average American consumes 3000 calories on Thanksgiving for dinner alone. Drinks, dessert and appetizers can bring the total calorie count up to 4500 cal.
The most delicious Thanksgiving dishes are mashed potatoes, green being casserole, stuffing and pecan pie. These are loaded with sugar and fat. Calorie Control Counsel estimates that 1 cup of mashed potatoes contains 238 cal in a grams of fat. A cup of green bean casserole contains hundred and 43 cal and 8 g of fat. One slice of pecan pie has a whopping 456 cal and 21 g of fat. Thanksgiving can throw your diet off track, but he argued that the spirit of Thanksgiving matters more than the food.
NutritionExplorations Thanksgiving Turkey Being engaged at the table and being grateful and thankful is most important. Enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty about the food. But beware about indulging after the holiday. Don't let one day of feasting turning to five days.
For those who refuse to give up their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, there are ways you can make them more heart healthy. Eliminating sausage from stuffing which is a fat bomb cuts down on calories. Add fillers such as apples, squash and mushrooms. Replace the butter and mashed potatoes with turkey stock and Greek yogurt provides flavor without clogging arteries. Forgo baked Brie appetizers and cheese platters instead supply fresh seafood such as shrimp cocktail.
Eating an additional 3500 cal will lead to 1 pound of weight gain. For a woman 26 to 50 years old who engages in moderate physical activity the recommended daily calorie count is 2000 cal. For men who engage in moderate exercise and are 26 to 45, the recommended daily caloric intake is 2600. That number drops to 2400 for men 46 to 65.
Mindful eating is the opposite of what we traditionally think of on Thanksgiving. Consciously choose what you want to eat, eat it slowly and savor each bite. It's not about eating as much as you can. Mindful eating teaches you it's perfectly fine to have your favorite slice of pie if you make room for it. Eating mindfully can also take the pressure off losing the extra pounds. Hathaway gained around holiday sticks around until the summer months or beyond. The average American's weight rose 0.2% during the Thanksgiving holiday. In the 10 days after Christmas, Americans on average gained 0.4% more than they did the 10 days before Christmas.
Eating mindfully does matter for sodas moving. Walking after dinner and even exercising before the turkey is sliced at the dinner table can be the best prevention. Exercising pre-and post-Thanksgiving should become a yearly holiday ritual. To burn 1000 cal, a 185-pound person would need to jog for 90 minutes at 12 mph nonstop for 47.5 miles. If your walk, prepare to hit the pavement for over 3.5 hours at 3 mph to burn the same number of calories. There are many devices that can help calculate how much exercises needed to burn off calorie amounts. Exercising prior to a meal will help jumpstart metabolism. People tend to significantly overestimate the amount of calories they burned so if you think that exercise is a means to feast and overindulge you will typically not have a healthy outcome. Exercise should be an investment in one's own joy and wellness and the outcome can be one of empowerment rather than regret.