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How to Decrease Added Sugar in Your Kid

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Itís a well-known fact that sugary drinks and sweet treats contain many calories but lack nutrients. In most cases the added sugar comes from sodas, juice drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, candy, ice-cream, cakes, cookies and other sweets. By minimizing the amount of these beverages and foods with added sugar your kids consume you will help them develop healthy eating habits and prevent various health problems.
1. Offer Small Amounts of Sweets.
Of course, living without ice-cream or biscuits can seem too depressing so we recommend gradually decrease the amount of sweets or candy your kids eat a day. Serve these treats in smaller plates and explain that a small amount of sweets can go a long way and encourage them to share candy.
2. Avoid Check - out Lanes Displaying Candy
Prefer candy-free check-out lanes not to tempt kids who may ask to buy some.
3. Drink Smarter
Instead of offering kids soda or other sweet drinks that are rich in sugar and calories provide them with water, fat-free milk or 100% juice when they are thirsty.
4. Offer Fruits for Dessert
Replace high-calorie desserts by fruit salads or baked apples or pears. Or consider offering yammy frozen juice bars which are just 100% juice.
5. Never Offer Sweets as Rewards
By rewarding your child with sweets you imply that some sorts of food are better than the other. Kind words and comforting hugs can also encourage and be excellent rewards, or consider presenting some non-food items like stickers, for example, to reward some achievements and make the kid feel special.
6. Offer Treats Only on Special Occasions.
A typical mistake of some parents is making treats everyday food. Treats are enjoyed most when they are enjoyed once in a while. Reserve sweet treats like cakes to special occasions.
7. Make Food Fun.
Promote nutritious food by making it fun. Engage kids in cooking healthy snacks together and try to be creative. Make a smiley face with bananas and raisins. Another idea is to cut fruit into fun shapes using cookie cutter.
8. Let Kids Invent New and Original Snacks
Experiment with "new" mixes of dried fruit and unsalted nuts or seeds to create food that kids will love eating.
9. Never Substitute Regular Meals by Sweets.
10. Suggest Playing a Detective in the Store.
Teach kids how to find the amount of total sugar on the cereal box. Get them to compare cereals they like most to discover the one with the lowest amount of sugar it it.