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How to Make School Breakfast Fast & Healthy

NutritionExplorations - Healthy School BreakfastThe school year is approaching and you have enough to worry about, like making sure your student is going to get good grades and keep up with the class. One way to keep your child going mentally strong throughout the long day is by fueling them with a healthy breakfast. The research shows that consuming a healthy breakfast at the start of your day will prepare you to mentally focus throughout the duration of the day. Harvard Medicalís research has concluded that starting your child off with a healthy breakfast in the morning not only keeps them mentally alert but it also prevents behavioral problems!
In this day and age people are finding themselves with less and less time to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning. They have to find the time to squeeze in breakfast before catching the bus and making it to class on time. If breakfast was served at school in the mornings kids would have a better chance at getting the healthy breakfast they need. This would allow parents more time to get their student ready promptly, get them to school, and allow the student to eat a breakfast filled with the nutrients they need. This way these students can use their maximum brain power potential.
Implement Alternative Breakfast programs into your schools today! There are a few different options. Option A is to let your students eat in the class room during first period. This way they are able to purchase their breakfast and then take it straight to class in the morning. Option B is to give children packed breakfast sacks as they get off the school bus or dropped off at school. The grab and go option is perfect for kids in a major hurry. Option C is implementing a small break after first period so that children are able to purchase and eat breakfast before the rest of the day can begin. Every option leaves your students/children full with healthy nutrients to power throughout the rest of the school day.