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Online Advanced Sports

Known for offering the best local deals on a wide range of dining, sporting, shopping and entertainment options Groupon is currently offering incredible value for the Online Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Course from The Health Sciences Academy (just $99 for $1,198 Value). This course is CPD-accredited and endorsed by Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) and consists of 31 online units on nutrition science for athletic performance along with a course-completion certificate.
The Health Sciences Academy offers easy-to-use online courses and modules that have helped around 2,000 people lead a healthier life and start new career in health and nutrition. The academy boasts a team of health experts who meticulously study published and peer-reviewed materials and conduct their own research. The course features videos and virtual classes providing the latest information on sports sciences, weight management, and nutrition. Students have a chance to learn about dietary supplements and food allergies as well as become professionals in personal training. The course videos and classes are densely packed with interactive games and exercises that make learning interesting and fun.
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