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School Milk Gets A New Look

After much consideration the look of school milk has been modified. The goal is to increase student milk intake. We asked three hundred and eight students ranging from fourth grade to seniors in high school to take the survey and the results were practically unanimous. According to the research students prefer milk out of a plastic container rather than cardboard.
NutritionExplorations-Plastic and Cardboard Milk Bottles The evidence is in the numbers, eighty three percent of the students declared that drinking milk out of a plastic bottle rather then a cardboard carton was more enjoyable. They exclaimed that the experience was better in general. Almost every student considered the plastic milk container to be of higher quality, leaving only six percent to not care about the containers quality. They trusted that the milk would not soak through the container or spill out of random corners. The students concluded that the plastic bottle was an all around easier container to drink from.
The research doesn't stop there! The students also relayed that the plastic bottle was less difficult to open and did not give the milk an unrelated flavor. Letís not forget that the milk sales are one of the most important elements to this cosmetic change. The statics concluded that students are two times more likely to buy milk if it is served out of a plastic bottle. Fifty one percent of students decided to buy milk at school when it was served from the plastic container. On the contrary to this, only twenty four percent of students decided to buy milk at school when it was served out of a cardboard container. Up your milk sales today and get your students healthier by switching to plastic bottled milk!