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The Curves Program

You will begin with Phase 1. During this phase you will lose weight the quickest and it will teach you the method for losing weight when needed. This knowledge will aid you in maintaining your results permanently without constantly dieting. There are three phases to this program. Not all bodies are the same so therefore there are two different weight management programs. There is a program that is focused higher on proteins and a program that is focused higher on carbohydrates. You will take a test to determine which program will be most effective for your body.

Nutritionexplorations 1200 Calorie a Day

Here are the Guidelines of Phase 1

On the higher protein program you will consume around 1200 cal a day. 45% of this diet will be protein, 30% of this diet will be carbohydrates, and lastly 25% of this diet will be fats. On the higher carbohydrate program you will also consume 1200 cal a day. This program will contain 45% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 25% fat. Each version will require you to drink eight glasses of water a day. There is an option of consuming one protein shake a day as a snack or meal. It is required that you take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement. Curves offers a great complete vitamin known as BioMultiple. Phase 1 will last for one week.

Here are the Guidelines for Phase 2

During phase 2 on the higher protein program you will be allowed to consume 1600 cal a day. The diet will contain 45% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and 25% fat. Within the higher carbohydrate program you will also be allowed to consume 1600 cal a day. While this diet will allow you 45% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 25% fats. Both programs will still require you to drink eight glasses of water a day. You also still enjoy the option for one protein shake a day as a snack or meal. The mineral and multivitamin supplement will still be required. Phase 2 lasts as long as it takes for you to meet your goal weight. It will also be suspended if you hit a plateau or need a break from dieting. At this time you'll either take a break or resume phase 1 for further loss weight and then continue back onto phase 2.

Here are the Guidelines of Phase 3

This phase will teach you how to maintain your goal weight without a strict diet. The knowledge you learn here will aid you in eating normally and not gaining weight. Your goal is to maintain this raised metabolism that you have created, which will allow you to consume pre-diet levels of food without gaining back the weight you lost. The first few pounds that you lost were water weight. So, you may gain a few pounds back. This is normal. Your body becomes dehydrated as you consume less and when you begin to consume more it will rehydrate itself. If you want your post diet calorie intake to allow 2500 cal then you should begin to eat 2500 cal a day. If your goal calorie intake is 2000 cal a day then you will begin to eat 2000 cal a day.

Nutritionexplorations 2500 Calorie a Day

When a person diets and consumes a lower calorie intake their metabolic rate lowers. So, understand that as you increase your caloric intake your weight will somewhat increase as well. The good news is that as you eat more your metabolic rate will rise. The key element of this diet is to not gain more weight then you can lose in the matter of days. In a few days time, you can diet before your body will begins to store fat due to your starvation hormones. This small window before storage occurs will allow you to easily shed the extra pounds again. For example, if you are at your low weight of 127 lbs you will begin phase 3 and eat normally without a diet. When your scale reaches 130 lbs which would be your high weight - you will begin Phase 1 again for up to three days. After the three days you will find yourself back at your low weight of 127 lbs and then you will start the cycle again. You can eat normally. This method works because your body will eventually rid itself of those starvation hormones and your metabolism will increase. It will take your body longer and longer to gain weight and reach your higher weight. As this occurs it will be an indication that your metabolic rate has increased. It will take about a month or two of intermittent dieting to reach this increased metabolic rate. You will then be able to consistently maintain your lower weight without a strict diet.

Tips on How to Manage Phase 3

It can prove to be challenging to follow your weight so closely. So, instead of weighing yourself every day to see when you need to begin phase 1 again it will be easier to follow a regimen. We have created a regimen while on phase 3. This regimen is designed for a diet of 2000 to 2500 calorie intake a day. Once you choose the appropriate calorie intake for you, you will then begin to cycle eat on the days that follow. You will spend three days on phase 3 and then follow up with one day on phase 1. After this you'll spend five days on phase 3 and follow up with two days on phase 1. Next you will spend ten days on phase three and follow up with three days on phase 1. You you will continue this regimen until you notice your body maintaining your lower weight. Sign up for the Curves program today!