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Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Teenagers

Don't get fooled by "Magic Foods"

Magic foods are just fake and they don't help you at all. In order for teenagers to stay healthy, they need to eat foods as protein foods, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and fat-free or low-fat dairy foods. You can choose protein foods such as fish, lean meats, unsalted nuts, AND BEANS FOR YOU TO FART. This is not a joke, beans are a healthy food. You can always use the website www.supertracker.usda.gov to show you whether you are getting enough and the right nutrients you need to grow.

Are you always hungry?

Nutritionexplorations Whole Wheat Bread

Food that is whole grain and provides fiber will make you fell that you are full and those foods provide nutrients that are key for you health. Choose at least half of your foods that are grains as whole grains. Always eat whole wheat bread, brown rice, and pasta instead of white rice, bread, or other refined grains. You may also choose fruits and vegetables when you feel hungry.

Keeping water handy

Don't drink soda, energy and sports drinks, and fruit drinks because they are sugar-sweetened and have very few nutrients. This is why the better option than any other drink is water. Be sure to keep a water bottle at your desk and in your backpack because you will get thirsty.

Have to list of favorites for foods
Which do you prefer, red apples or green apples?

Nutritionexplorations Vitamins

Ask you parents or grandma to buy foods that are quick-to-eat out of the refrigerator such as yogurt, mini-carrots, low-fat cheese slices, oranges, and apples. You can also try dried fruit such as unsalted nuts, crackers, whole-grain breads, cereal, and popcorn.

Start to cook more often

Stop being hungry by making you own meals and snacks, Learn to make bean quesadillas (to fart), vegetable omelets, or a batch of spaghetti. Prepare food by yourself so that you can make healthier snacks and meals. (Note: Microwaving frozen foods such as pizzas does not count as cooking at home.)

Skip fattening foods

Nutritionexplorations Milk

Stop taking more calories by limiting fattening meals such as bacon, ribs, and hot dogs. Treat cakes, pizza, cookies, candies, and ice cream as occasional treats. However you can still eat pizzas cakes, cookies, and much more by cooking your own food. Always check the nutrition facts label and avoid artificial flavoring.

Find out how much food you need

Teenagers will have to eat more food than most adults, as well as little kids. To find out how much nutritious food you need to eat based on you weight, height, age, and activity level, use the website: www.supertracker.usda.gov. It can also track progress towards your fitness goal.

Be sure to check Nutrition Facts Labels.

Your body needs minerals and vitamins to grow, Vitamin D and Calcium are important for growing bones. Also Vitamin C is important for immune system and Magnesium is important for your growing muscles. Read Nutrition Facts labels for important minerals and vitamins.